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A perfect pitch is the ability to sing or identify a given note without a reference pitch. It is achieved when you are able to identify any given note or multiple notes played simultaneously and sing any note without a reference pitch. A person with a perfect pitch can identify whether or not an instrument is playing in tune or no, can tune an instrument without any help and can identify if a song is played within key or no as well. The problem with the perfect pitch is that you can’t enjoy the music as thoroughly as you are so in tune to picking up at the wrong tune or key.

It also called as the absolute pitch is a very difficult feat to perform with mostly top concert performers achieving it. Almost all musicians or singers aspire to achieve this skill, but only ten percent of them can truly achieve it. As you move to opera, sopranos and concert performers, this percentage increases. The more the ability of a performer to reach that state, the more popular and famous he/she is.

It is very difficult for music students to achieve the perfect pitch, but given below are some tips that can help improve your pitch to becoming perfect.

• To achieve the perfect pitch, you have to have the ear for it, tone deaf people can’t even dream of achieving it as to achieve a specific note or pitch, you have to have the ability to hear it, if you can hear it, you can sing it as well.

• It is a myth that it can only be achieved by people with an inborn talent, the fact is that through regular practice and lessons, you can achieve this amazing talent.

• In order to achieve it, you have to be able to control your breath and support it, this can only be achieved through regular and constant practice.

• One of the techniques is to imagine the notes coming out of your mouth an instant before they actually do, believe it or not, but imagination can help in perfecting your pitch by creating a relationship between hearing and singing.

• Tension in your vocal chords can cause unseemly high pitched notes to come out; this is caused by tensed larynx muscles or throat muscles. This can be corrected by regular exercises that help in relaxing the muscles leading to a tension-free voice.

Techniques of singing in perfect pitch’s an art and even a skill that few people have. Singing in perfect pitch can be learned and not necessarily be an inborn talent. Musicians as well as artists yearn to learn singing in perfect pitch. For those you want to become singers, they must learn these singing skills completely.