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Anime and How it is Growing Today : Many animes are out today and they are not just in English, many are also in Spanish, Chinese and Brazilian subs just to name a few.

Here are the most famous anime growing,

One piece(About a boy and his adventures at sea as a pirate)
I have watched this anime before and it is amazing, not only the graphics but also the plot of the story. The only negative part of this story maybe that it has over 400 episodes and it seems like it never has a ending, but in those 400 episodes it will mesmerize you.

Dragonball z (Sayian or super people that can use beam and rays of power and this is the story of one landing on the earth. )
This episode is only 200+ long and is more action-like, so if you love action it would be a great anime to watch for you. This anime has bad graphics but thats probably only because it was made in the 20th century. A new series of this anime came out known as dragonball gt that has better graphic but was not make by the same company, dragonball gt was made in the us.

Naruto (Ninja and there abilities as a ninja)
This anime has 2 seasons already the original “naruto” and then “naruto shippuden” the second series in the anime. This anime series in by far the most exiting the one bad thing is that it has very many fillers but the storyline is amazing and it should be the best anime in my opinion. Naruto the original series has about 200+ episodes and “naruto shippuden” has about 120+ series right now.

Hajime no ippo (A shy boy turned into a renowned boxer)
This anime series is also at its 2nd series that it has finished and is going onto its third. Ippo the main character is just a boy that gets bullied at school, he has a well shaped body because of his work at his mothers fishing place. He then meets a boxer and gets admitted to the gym as he becomes a boxer.

Case closed Genra=mystery(Highschool kid that turned into a kid investigator)
So this series has about 100+ episodes and the main part of this anime series is mystery and investigation.