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Autumn Colors

Capturing Autumn Colors : Capturing the best colors of nature is a very fascinating opportunity for a photographer. Vivid and stunning tones make images appear so real that it just seems that you feel inside the frame, and embrace the beautiful yellow, orange and red colored leaves of fall foliage at your palms. Autumn colors are a spectacular example of our nature world, which immediately give you the feeling of tranquility and beauty when you actually find yourself in a national park or forest floor.

These amazing tones are found in autumn season, just after the climate starts changing from mild temperatures to colder ones which affect the trees foliage and enhance different colorations. It is also the tree type which is able to offer more a tone than another. Brilliant reds are displayed by sugar maples, where on the other hand aspens and beech offer bright yellows. As the approaching winter arrives, these beautiful colors lose their brilliant tones to brown and dull leaves, which going ahead will actually fall and result in the death of the foliage, only to be replaced by the new coming spring season. This is all caused by the colored pigments that break down after being exposed to the colder temperatures, and so the vivid leaf loses life and it’s brilliant colors.

Taking images of autumn foliage requires a photographer to have some basic knowledge and helpful tips in order to improve photos. First thing to understand and evaluate better is light. To bring out and capture nice saturated tones it is always advisable to take photos under overcast skies, which will surely eliminate harsh highlights on strong sunny days, as to not run in exposure problems. This does not mean that you can’t take photos on sunny days, since every kind of lighting situation will offer different opportunities. For landscape images, a nice blue sky will definitely result in a striking background, rather than a dull and overcast sky.

Secondly I would leave the photographer with perspective and composition matters to deal with. As you move around ready to shoot images, you always think how you intend to take this certain image, which can be done in a variety of ways. You can zoom in on single leaf or group of leaves, or else get a wide panoramic image of your autumn scene. You can also choose to include or not other subjects like a water stream, mountain range or just a rocky foreground mixed with your colorful leaves.

There are plenty of places and interesting areas where you can venture to take advantage of this sensational season, and freely open your photographic creativity. In many areas worldwide you can find colorful autumn life, so if your seriously considering this kind of photography, just go to the nearest park or natural reserve which is the most accessible to you. While some tree types might not be found in your area, you are then left with searching for the nearest area through internet and getting some more detailed results and information of the tree types that are found there and how to drive to the intended location.