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Tenor is the highest male singing voice that is achieved without changing the sound quality; and is usually used in operas and musicals. Singing a tenor is not an easy task and can take years of practice to perfect it. Either you can sing tenor or baritone; baritone is a bass-toned voice. If one can sing a baritone then it is difficult to teach them to sing tenor as they will always have a bass tinged vocal.

In choirs or musical groups, the singers are split into four sections, two of which are tenors; one group sings a high tenor and the other a lower tenor and the rest are baritones. Given below are a few tips on how to sing the perfect tenor.

• First of all you have to see what your range it, mark mid-C or C4 as your pivot and see if you can reach the notes higher and lower than it. Tenors are expected to comfortably sing one octave above and one below mid-C (C3 – C5). Don’t expect to hit all the high notes in the first session; it will take practice to do so.

• Remember to exercise before and after each session. This is known as warm up’s and cool down’s. Since singing is an exercise and for every exercise it is essential to warm up and cool down so that the muscles do not get strained or stressed out; similarly, vocal chords are also like muscles and if not adequately exercised can be injured. To sing tenor, the vocal chords and throat is not only exercised, the neck, chest and shoulders too are worked out.

• Training with a piano or a keyboard instrument can help you assess which note you sang wrong; it can be a point of reference and can let you know by how much you went off. But remember not to get too dependent on the instrument else you won’t be able to judge on your own.

• Remember that the point of singing a tenor is to have a smooth and seamless transition of notes without any flaws and breaks. This is achieved only through practice and exercise; do choose a proper coach to guide in the right manner.

• Join a choir or musical group, the more you will sing the more perfect it will get, and the more confidence you will gain.

• The key to singing tenor is to hold in the air in your chest and sing through your nasal cavities, if you sound a bit nasal, you are probably getting it right.

• Learn to read music sheets so that you can interpret it easily to follow the tunes without any extra or instrumental help. This will also help you in singing in one flow without any breaks.