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Creating a logo design is an elaborate thought provoking exercise. It is a fairly intricate process and there are certain steps, which must religiously be followed to make sure that the resultant logo is not just professional, but unique, creative and eye-catching as well. The steps to be followed by a logo designer are given below:

Fill questionnaire with details

The very first step that you need to take involves getting a questionnaire with details that are related to your client and his business. Make sure that you ask as many questions as you can in order to fully grasp the true motives, goals and values of the business. This would help you deliver an exquisite logo that reflects on all of these values.

Research on the topic

The next thing that you need to do is carry out in-depth research over the topic or the niche of the business. See what sorts of logos are currently being designed; what sort of trends is being followed for designing purposes.

Shortlist ideas or thoughts

Now that you have a fair idea about what sort of a logo you wish to create, make sure that you shortlist all the thoughts and ideas that you have. This would help you in deliberating on the ideas and come up with the best possible logo design. You can easily choose the ideas that you wish to use.

Do pencil sketch of thought

With a clear mind about your ideas, create pencil sketches of your most desirable thoughts and ideas. Doing so would allow you to actually see how the designed logo would appear upon being used on your client’s website or by getting printed on his business cards etc.

Consult your client

Show the ideas to your client and ask for his ideas. Consulting your client is necessary to make sure that you work on the logo that he considers best. This would also help you in updating your client about the current progress of the project.

Recreate on Photo Shop with suggestions from your client

Incorporate the suggestions that your client has made in to the logo that you have chosen. Once done, recreate the logo on Photo Shop so that you can truly consider its overall appeal and make necessary amendments.

Improve the logo through your client’s feedback and suggestions

Continually consult with your client and show him the recreated Photo Shop version of the logo. Whatever feedback or suggestion he gives; make sure that you incorporate it right away. This would help you stay up to date about your client’s approval. Sometimes you might also have to reject and advise against some suggestions if they are not feasible or might end up spoiling the look of the logo.

Give variations to fonts and colors

The next thing that you need to focus on is giving different variations to the colors and fonts that have been used in the logo. You basically need to see which variations work best and then choose the most appealing one. Use free fonts websites like etc.

Study the logo’s impact by checking it in grayscale

Now that the logo is nearly complete, you need to check it in grayscale to study its impact.Make sure that you follow this step before the final delivery of your project. This is essential to ensure that the logo design looks good in black and white colors as well. For colors support use website like etc.

Seeking final approval for vector files

Last but not the least, present vector files to your client and seek his approval. If any amendments are needed, make sure that you work on them instantly.