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3D Animator

How to Become a 3D Animator : Computer animation is an amazing breakthrough in technology and is special because it tells a story that distorts reality. With the advent of latest and modern technology, the 3D animation industry is growing at a whirlwind speed everyday, becoming the part of our lives, touching almost every aspect of media today such as video industry, advertising, gaming, and even website industry, which has in turn resulted in a very high demand for creative 3D animators.

The animation industry is constantly on a lookout for artistically and technically creative people with an updated knowledge on constantly emerging technology, tools, softwares, production techniques etc. The understanding of technical aspects of computer animation and illustration requires the willingness and interest of an individual to learn and to use new technology and put it into practice, so to become a good animator and to survive in this highly competitive industry, one should be updated and willing to learn at each step. The person must be versatile at functioning under pressure.

An animator is a free spirit and goes by his creative and entertainment in acts. A 3D animator compulsorily needs to be a naturally innovative and intelligent person, one should have an innate knack for performance and should be able to create appealing poses and actions and should have the talent to rise above the mediocrity, in order to excel. He must possess good drawing and observation skills, a sense of designing and lay out and an understanding of different moods and feelings to be infused in the animated characters.

Apart from these ‘soft skills’, the person needs to master some programs such as Flash Adobe, Photoshop, 3D studio max, Adobe Illustrator, CAD, Adobe after effects, Light wave, Rhino etc. and needs to have formal education too, for a brighter career option in animation industry. A graduation course supportive of some studio work experience proves very helpful in getting the basics of animation right. There are many reputed 3D animation institutions in India which provide part-time and full-time quality animation courses to train the students according to the demands and challenges of the industry, such as MAAC, ARENA AAG, and MAYA etc.

To be a prosperous animator, having a portfolio is a must as it is a basic thing to get hold of a job in the entry-level. It also helps in keeping a record of the experience gathered in the industry.

Animation today, undoubtedly, is a very promising career and offers highly paid jobs which form the main attraction for the youth but one should only choose the industry for the love of animation and creativity and should be ready to put in hundred percent efforts, hard work and dedication to become a proficient 3D animator.