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Drama and Depth

How to Give Your Photos More Drama and Depth : Have you ever sat someone down to look at your holiday pictures only to find that as you force them to flick through them they start nodding off? Or have you ever been on the receiving end of this show and dreaded seeing another picture? Classically looking at holiday snaps is something that we tend to dread, but what is it that makes this so?

Well the long and short answer is that too often these holiday pictures are all identical. There’s only so many times you can look at someone smiling in front of a view looking head on at the camera before it gets old, but that’s pretty much the entirety of what most these pictures are comprised of.

If you want to avoid this mistake then you need to think about how you can give your photos more drama and depth – you need to add an extra dimension to those pictures so that it feels like the viewer is there and so that they’re drawn into the pictures. This way your photos will look more like they’re from a glossy travel brochure, and when was the last time you found looking through one of them boring? Here we will look at how to add that extra dimension.

Include Foreground Elements

This is one great way to immediately give your image more depth – by including a focal point at the front of the image you can create perspective and scale for the rest of a shot. Ever taken a photo from the top of a mountain and been disappointed that it failed to capture the scope of the scenery? Well that’s because there was nothing to compare it to. If you were to include a person in the foreground, or part of a tree, then this would provide a basis for comparison and make that view look all the more spectacular as a result. If you want to get artistic you can use these foreground elements almost to ‘frame’ what’s going on in the shot.

Choose Your Angle

How many times have you taken a photo of your family head on at eye-level? It’s just boring unfortunately because it makes them look flat and because we’ve seen it so many times before. Instead then, think about how you can create more drama and interest by getting a different angle. How about photographing your friends from the side for instance? Or Ducking down to get an upshot of them that will make them look much taller.

You can also use this when taking photos of sculptures and landmarks. A statue will look much more impressive taken from a low angle to create a sense of scale and importance rather than just being taken head on.

Find Lines

If you want to draw people into your photos then look for lines that will lead the eye. Diagonal lines that travel from the foreground to the background are brilliant for creating depth and a ‘3D effect’ and this is another way to make your landscape shots more representative of the sense of awe and scope you’re probably feeling.