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Summer Memories

How to Keep and Preserve Summer Memories : As August approaches, you’ve probably already made many memories this summer and will make many more in the coming weeks. Whether you’ve gone on a vacation, celebrated the 4th, or relaxed by the pool, each of us has memories that remind us of this summer.

If you follow these 5 steps, you will never forget the memories you made this summer…

1. Capture memories. Believe it or not it’s important for me to mention this, because it’s so easy to either assume you will remember that trip to the beach or simply to forget to take photos. Make sure your camera or phone is charged and make sure you always have your camera ready. The chance to capture a beautiful memory of your trip can present itself at any time.

2. Upload and share your memories. Once you’ve captured memories, don’t let them get stuck on your phone or camera. It’s very important to put them on your computer for safe keeping as well as uploading them to social networks like Facebook to share with friends and family.

3. Select photos that best represent the summer. Once the photos are on your computer or uploaded to a social network, make sure to select the ones that best represent all the fun times you had this summer. You will also want to look through the Facebook photos of friends and family to find additional memories that you may not have captured. For instance, if you went on vacation with your friends, perhaps they uploaded a photo of you and your family to Facebook that you didn’t capture.

4. Print memories and create keepsakes. Once you’ve selected the photos that showcase your summer, make sure to print them out so as to have hard copies of them. You may think that they are safe on your hard drive, but computers can crash and files can accidentally be deleted or lost. It’s also a good idea to create a beautiful book that organizes and displays everything you did this summer. Creating canvas prints or framing photos is another great way to preserve your memories.

5. Store photo memories in a safe place and display them. Once you’ve printed hard copies of your photo memories and created books and other keepsakes, it’s important to store them in a safe place or display them. When storing photos, keep them in a dark, dry place to avoid exposure to light and moisture. Remember, storing a hard copy is another layer of protection to make sure your memories are preserved. You may also want to display some of the photo keepsakes you created to share with others and to reflect on the fun times you had… especially in the cold of winter!

I hope you follow these steps so that your summer will never be forgotten!