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These days, everybody is a photographer. And if they’re not, they think they could be.

Gear is cheap. Digital has made learning the art easier. And even phones have decent cameras inside. The truth of the matter is, the magic wand doesn’t make the magician. Most photographers have invested in getting properly educated learning how to use light, shadows, hues and textures to make their photos a masterpiece. Once you learn the basic concepts of photography, you start to purchase the tools necessary to build your craft and your business.

Although some shoot as a hobby Photographer there are many that would like to make a living out of this profession. Photography as a business is not easy. There is plenty of talented competition that knows how to market and brand themselves properly in order to get recognized. The following article is to help you compete for some of that business. Now, you could always start by shooting for free but what good does that do if you actually want to make money as a photographer? Instead, here are five effective ways to set yourself apart and make sure you stand out from the pack…

1. Get a website and update it often. WordPress makes it easy to set up a blog. Post photos from your shoots. Include details about the event. And then share your posts with Facebook and Twitter fans. It’s the fastest way to gain more clients.

2. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. In the days of online blogging, everyone turns to the web for advice but the good old days of “it’s who you know, not what you know” aren’t gone. Join your local Chamber, spread the word about your business, and make your membership known on your website.

3. Respond with speed. Don’t make your client wait. In the days of competition, you can compete with creativity and style. But you can also compete with price and speed. Pricing is tricky because you don’t want to undervalue your work. So instead, try speed. Offer on the ground editing or a 24 hour turn around on proofs. Your images don’t have to be polished in this short amount of time, but instant gratification has its rewards. Set up a few good presets in Lightroom, quickly flag your favorites, lightly process and then offer a quick slideshow. The photos they order can then be fine tuned before printing or burning to a CD.

4. Get good at your craft. Your biggest competition is no longer the photographers who are better than you are. It’s the flood of photographers who aren’t. Study the art. Get creative. And have fun. It’ll show.

5. Brand yourself as a business. You don’t have to come up with a fancy name or slogan to become a business. Many photographers prefer just to use their names but convert their name into a logo that they can use to add to all their photographic packaging. This means adding your brand to folios, USB packages, bags, boxes even photo cases. Using professional packaging is important to deprecate yourself from a non pro.