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E-cards or electronic cards are gaining popularity these days. Instead of sending real cards via snail mail, e-cards can be sent online and can reach their recipients as quickly as possible. A lot of advantages can be experienced should you decide to make an e-card such as saving paper, ink and art materials. If you wonder just why you would ever need to make electronic cards, below are some occasions and purposes to which these e-cards apply.


If anyone you know is celebrating his/her natal day, an electronic card will certainly be useful in sending your greetings. You can make the e-cards that are customized according to the individual’s personality. You can make it funny, romantic lovely, etc. Moreover, music can also be added in the card.


In making these electronic cards for weddings, you also have many choices. You can make one that is similar to the theme or motif for the wedding itself. You can also pick a theme that will show the kind of relationship shared by the couple. As for the anniversary e-card, you can customize it by using appropriate color or theme for the number of years the couple has been together. You can also add their old pictures in the card.


Greeting cards are also commonly sent presents or gifts during the holidays; regardless if it is Christmas, New Year, Easter, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc. Custom create these projects by adding specific elements such as graphics, quotations and music that are specific to the holiday season.

Parents’ And Grandparents’ Days

E-cards, just like the usual greeting postcards, are also great gifts to give our beloved parents and grandparents. You can take advantage of this opportunity of making keepsakes in telling your parents or grandparents how much they mean to you. Through these electronic mementos, you can also express your gratitude for every great thing they have done for you. Instead of writing quotations, you can write your own feelings and thoughts.

For Children

E-cards for children are exciting to make because you can make them more playful and enjoyable for them. You can add not only colorful animations, but also other components like special effects, puzzles and games.

Children can also be included or can be asked to participate in making the electronic postcards, especially if these will be sent to relatives, grandparents and friends they know.


Not only can you create e-cards in place of the traditional postcards and greeting cards. You can also make electronic adaptation of invitations you send out and distribute to other people for occasions you are planning to host. Instead of spending money on invitation papers, envelopes, stamps and postal fees, you can just use your money to buy additional foods and supplies for your party.

For Company Use

Electronic cards are not just for personal use, but also for company and business purposes. Memos that are normally sent via fax or print can now be sent electronically using e-mails. You can send an e-card to an outstanding employee, e-card as marketing tools to attract more clients and more.