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Better Photography

Seven tips for better event photography

Have an open communication with the event organizer

Have an open communication with the event organizer to understand the event. Discover and ask for every detail. Ask the following questions:

  • Where is the event? Indoor or outdoor?

To prepare for an unpredictable weather, it is important to be aware of the event location. If it takes place outdoors, proper equipment and advanced preparation is the must.

  • What time is the event?

Light plays a big role in photography. To know the time of the event, you can manage adjusting the light setting of your camera.

  • How many guests are in the evnt?

You might consider an assistant depending on the size of the event.

  • What is the theme of the event?

Depending on the event assign specific camera equipment.

Relate your other question to discover more details on number of outlets, storage, limit of involvement, dress code, list of VIPs, music style and access to the Internet.

Be everywhere

Don’t stand in one corner, get involved and be everywhere in the event. As a photographer you must create pictures that, when you glance back at them, you can cherish that specific moment. To capture a unique moment in the event, move your camera and change your place often.

Be the first to attend and last to exit

Arrive early at the event to set up your equipment and prepare everything properly. Be there until the end and give them a complete package and show you care.

Use close-up shot

Other than taking a shot of the entire event in zoom out setting frame, take close-up shots as much as you can. Close-up shot brings out and displays the moment in detail. For example, get a close-up shot from the main and important members in weddings. Zoom in your lens and take a picture from the bride’s smile. The close-up shots are frozen moments in frame.

Use quick shots

If you find yourself in a fast-pasted environment, use quick shot setting and keep going. This helps not to miss any special momentum.

Show your creativity and love

Use your color setting and take the black and white pictures of those moments. The classic black and white photos display your love for photography and illustrate your creativity.

Always be ready and expect the unexpected

A photographer should always expect the unexpected. Nature is not predictable. Rain, lightening, wind and dark cloud can affect every frame in your photograph. Always be ready for everything.