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Less Boring

Top Tips to Make Your Photos Less Boring : In the age of Facebook and smartphones we are taking more photos perhaps than ever before and are sharing them more than ever before too. Whereas once we might take a few photos because we were going on holiday, now we take hundreds of photos of even the most inane things – whether it’s having friends round for tea or noticing a rock that looks like a face. On the one hand this is actually a very nice way to keep a constant record of your life, and looking back it’s ideal for nostalgic types. However what it also results in is a serious reduction in quality as you end up with hundreds of pictures that have just been rushed. For the denizens of Facebook this results in pages of boring and useless pictures that just aren’t worth looking through. People actually end up looking at your pictures less because they know there’s nothing of much interest in there anymore.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way, and if you know how then it’s possible to maintain quality in your photos even when you’re taking so many. Here we will look at how to make your pictures that bit more amazing.

Take a Moment

Taking pictures is a little bit like putting in golf, if you just launch into it then of course you’re not going to have a steady hand and you’re not going to create the best possible composition. Instead then you should take a moment to pause and think about how you can frame the shot better, or whether you should perhaps put the camera on a stand to make the shot more stable. In other words don’t just rush into the shot – take your time and the difference will be apparent.

Know What Makes Shots Interesting

One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make when taking lots of pictures – particularly on holiday – is not realising what makes a picture interesting. If you’re someone who takes thousands of pictures of the skyline for instance or the view from the top of a mountain, then you are guilty of this. Pictures of scenery on their own could be taken by anyone – you can download them online even. That’s why you should always have a subject in your photo, or at least find a way to make that picture different.

One good way to make your photo folders more interesting and less dull is simply to go through your pictures and delete half of them. It’s tough going, but what you’ll be left with is the real crème of the crop.

Depth and Composition

Too many pictures on Facebook just look flat and this is another big reason they’re often so boring. If your pictures are all of people facing forward, or they’re all of backdrops then there’s just two dimensions accounted for and this won’t make for interesting viewing. Instead, try to get more dramatic angles of people and to include things in the foreground to create scale. Don’t take the ‘obvious’ shot always but think about how you can get a different angle on it.