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Video Production Tips: Getting Started As a Producer, video, is everywhere, but do you know how to produce it like a pro? Should you know? Should you even care?

In this new media world, there are plenty of so-called experts that do a great job explaining why video is so great, and why you should produce video content for your website or blog. It’s no secret that online video can help you build relationships with potential customers. It can help you become branded as an expert, or help you dominate your SEO, and the list goes on.

There is no doubt that video is among the most effective mediums for educating, persuading, and informing… and it’s in everyone’s hands. Literally. The power of video, which was once reserved for video production companies and broadcast news operations is not only more affordable than ever, but thanks to mobile devices especially the iPhone, you can get amazing quality for next to nothing.

Let’s throw the Internet into the mix. Social video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and of course Facebook make it easier than ever to share video with our friends, family, or business associates. If people start sharing your content, you’ve hit digital gold!

So, why aren’t you producing quality videos regularly? Have you tried to do it by yourself? How were the results? Was the video a bit, no very shaky, poorly framed, or was the audio poor? After you reviewed it, did you say to yourself, “This sucks!?”

There are three steps that you should always take during the video production process. These simple steps probably apply to other creative ventures as well, and once you understand and master each step, you will be unstoppable. You may even be able to start your own video production business.

Your goal should always be to produce a video that is as professional as possible with the tools that are available. That doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive HD camera either. Video quality isn’t determined by the quantity that you spend, but the techniques you use. People know a good video when they see it, and a poorly produced video could actually be bad for your brand (unless you happen to capture something so amazing that it doesn’t matter).

Here are three elements that every video that you produce should have: 1) Great visuals 2) great audio, and 3) a clear message, or story. It’s as simple as that, but those aren’t the steps that were referred to earlier.

If you’re a pro, a lot of the information here will be fundamental, but if you’re not, and have tried to produce a video on your own, or if you’re thinking about it, this is invaluable information. The tips being shared were learned through years of producing stories and video projects for the news, networks, corporate clients, and online channels.

So, back to the three production steps that will help guarantee that your end product is something that you’ll be proud of. This is the same process that every professional video producer follows. Are you ready?

1) Pre-production (planning): This is the most important step. During pre-production, you should write out everything related to your video. The goals, message, location, props, talent, camera equipment, script, and how you will get it edited. It should all be spelled out.

2) Production (the shoot): If you completed step 1, step 2 should be a breeze, and your shoot should go off without a hitch. Of course Murphy’s Law rules video production, so be ready for some unexpected challenges.

3) Post-production (the edit): Once you have everything shot or captured, it’s time to make some video magic. You should follow your script or outline, add some music, and graphics, and by the time your done editing, you should have something to be proud of. If not, just create another video. Each time you do it, you’ll learn something that will help you become a better producer.

The success of Producer in your video depends on your ability to plan, execute, and create. It isn’t hard to learn or master, and once you learn the basic steps, there are numerous short cuts and tricks that will speed up the process. But you should learn how to walk before you run.