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Video Camera

What Makes a Great Video Camera : Let’s start with the cold, hard facts. Not all cameras are created equal. In this modern world where everything is already technology driven, you must have the best video camera to capture moments and memories. You must now be aware that in order for you to capture those moments with perfection, you must also look for the “close-to-perfect” camera. Here is a list of some things you need to make sure of when buying video cameras.

1. Storage– I put this one first because most video cameras nowadays store data in memory cards or hard drives. In case you have different needs, there are still cameras that store data on tapes or discs.

2. Resolution– Digital video recording is all about pixels. Simply put, the more pixels there are, the more detailed your recordings will be. But make sure you check the “true resolution” because there are some companies that put other types of resolution values that have nothing to do with the quality of the videos.

3. Low Light performance– If you plan on using your video cam indoors, it’s best if you look for a video camera with good low light performance. This is to ensure that your recordings will be good enough even in poorly lighted conditions like inside the house where most stuff happen.

4. Zoom– Take note that in camera lingo, there are two types of zoom – optical and digital. Make sure you focus on optical zoom because it retains clarity.

5. Image Stability– Aside from image quality, one of the most common problems with video recording are shaky pictures. Make sure you are very comfortable with the camera. While in the store, try holding the camera up and imagine operating it. Check if the weight distribution is fine and also check if you can easily reach for the controls while operating the device.

6. Interconnectivity– Simply, make sure you can connect your camera to devices you want to connect them to. USB ports and HDMI ports are pretty common and may be all you need in your video camera.

7. Sound quality– Sometimes, people forget that half of a video recording is the sound. Unfortunately, built-in microphones on most digital camcorders fail to filter out noise. Try to check if your camera has a port for an external microphone if ever you need to boost the sound reception.

8. Research– Use all available resources so you can have a better idea of what camera is best for you. You can also check personal reviews from people who actually own certain cameras. This way, you can get first hand information about the device, its capabilities and its faults.